Episode Videos

I could literally create an episode video every other day with the footage I have but it will never happen. Apparently, it’s far easier to take video than it is to edit it. I’m new at it and therefor, I suck at it. I edit the same video over and over again. Adding music. Removing music. Blah blah blah. Inexperience would probably be a better word but hell, it’s far more difficult than I thought. CUE: Give props to your favorite Vloggers now…

Anyways, here are our episode videos from the beginning. I hope you enjoy them as I spent 100033437453653 times the time you spend watching them editing them. Please like, subscribe, and consider being a patron if you are interested in supporting and funding future adventures (I HAVE A GREAT MANY IDEAS) for your viewing pleasure.

And why did I choose the featured pic of my wife in the mirror for this post? Because this is one of my favorite pics of her during our first vacation EVER. This vacation set the stage for what has become the Sailing Rad Mode Youtube channel.