Since we untied the lines in November of 2016, we’ve met a ton of people that have become friends of Rad Mode. It’s probably no surprise that all of them at this point are sailors. We expect that to change as we continue to sail to new places and meet new people. This is by no means a complete list and we’ll update it when it comes to mind. For the time being, here’s a list of links to the friends of Rad Mode!

Sailing Plan B

Captain Randy Leasure on SV Tortuga, Producer of the up-and-coming Westsail the World Documentary

Captain Jay Bietz on SV Pygmalion

Sundowner Sails Again

Small World

Fine Day for Sailing

A Family Afloat

Cruising Shamaness

John Davis, author of The Voyage of Radiance II

Sailing Totem

Young and Salty Sailing

Chase the Story