Episode 40 – Two Days in the Life

Youtube didn’t allow me to link to Click Boom Sail with an end screen video so here’s a link to their first episode!

Some of you have asked what a typical day is like for the crew of Rad Mode. Here’s events that occurred during 48 hours and it’s pretty typical of our days in a sense that most of it was completely not planned for. Living on a sailboat produces some interesting challenges to ones schedule and aside from homeschooling Annabelle and Darius in the morning when they are with us, our days are filled with surprising events. You never know when a friend might call in a favor to get some help on their boat or when you’ll suddenly be invited along on a sail. Aside from school and the very necessary trips to get groceries, we never really know what is going to happen.

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Music credits:
Another Rainy Day by Scott Holmes @ freemusicarchive.com
Attainment by Borrtex @ freemusicarchive.com
Feel Good Instrumental by Broke For Free @ freemusicarchive.com
Native Sun by Graham Bole @ freemusicarchive.com


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sansan says:

    Hej can u please take down the episode of sailing buttercup
    I’m in Australia at the moment selling the boat
    I was hella high and it looks very
    If u type in buttercup the first thing u see is that video
    Sorry for your loss


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