Alarm Clocks…

I am really not a fan of alarm clocks. Actually, I hate the noise. It is the worst sound to be woken up to. I believe we should all wake up as naturally as possible to be in harmony with our day.

Today, my daughter, Annabelle, told me, “I don’t hear the alarm clock every morning, but I do hear my mom’s sweet voice in the v-berth to wake me.”

… my heart is melting…

As most parents know, kids do not hand out compliments or words of affirmation lightly. You must earn them. If you knew Annabelle, you would appreciate her words even more. The girl is wise beyond her years and has an understanding that competes with my own. I know most parents boast about their kids, but I am not one of those parents. To me, kids are kids, most are the same, and it takes an exceptional child for a moment to really impact me.

This was one of those moments…. She values special moments in her life.

Yes, it was a compliment to me… but it was more than that. It was a special moment because she is so wise and pure of heart.



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