I Miss My Daddy

Sometimes life gets ahead of us or takes us away, but then it takes another moment in life to make us stop and realize… we only have one chance.

In life we really only have one chance for anything. I am a person about the moment or in the moment. Take life by the horns and run with it… All or nothing… As amazing as it sounds I know I have hurt people along the way.

A couple of months ago I had another “awakening” that I would have really preferred not to happen. I generally think this about every “awakening” I have had. They are not fun, but they are necessary. They are necessary for the growth of the person. Every time I have had an “awakening” I have awoken as a better person and overall a lot more happy with life, and my self.

The awakening I had a couple months ago is my parents aren’t going to live forever. I knew this before, but sometimes it takes a life shaker, in your face, to really grasp the concept. My parents are my superheroes so why would I not expect them to live forever? They should at least out live me considering my crazy lifestyle, and then this happened….

My phone should have rang… Normally it would have. The battery happened to have died, but that is not that surprising if you know me. Early morning I woke up and made coffee for me and my hubby. I sat down in our salon area and signed onto the internet as I am obliged to do every morning for school. I often accidentally leave web pages open on my laptop even though I try not to because it sucks up data to reload them. On this early morning I signed onto the internet and facebook was automatically launched with a message from my Mom… Call me, it’s an emergency.

At that moment my arrow hovered over the X to close out the window. It couldn’t be for me…. I didn’t want it to be for me…

My dad was being care flighted to a hospital because he had an aneurysm near his heart. I was at best 7 hrs away without a vehicle.

He should have died. The doctors said it was a miracle. God saved him.

My brother drove over to get me and take me to the hospital that our dad had been care flighted to. I am ever so grateful. The nurses who took care of my dad were amazing and I have all respect for them. Other members of the staff… the kindest words I can say are, try to put yourself in my shoes.

I didn’t want to talk about this sooner because it hit way to close to home for me. I have realized that this experience hit way to close to home then I care for. I have also realized that I miss my daddy. I don’t want to look back and realize that my last chance with my daddy was chasing my sailing dream. I know he would understand, but I’m not sure that I would.

Life is to short. Make sure you live it and appreciate the people in your life.




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  1. 4theriders says:

    That’s a tough one. I’m sorry to hear.


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