Adventuring is Hard on the Equipment!

The biggest thing we have learned is buy the extended warranty! I used to think that the added coverage was a waste of money. Boy was I wrong. We have used our extended coverage so much that they told us we could no longer use it. Apparently, Go Pro had to fix our Go Pro Hero by far more than the Go Pro was worth. Whoops!

We know we are hard on our equipment and we keep this in mind when we buy knew equipment. One of the big selling points for our new Nikon Coolpix was that it is waterproof and shockproof. Good thing to! Pretty sure we would have broken it already if it wasn’t.

Getting those awesome action shots that everybody loves means getting all up in the moment. When we do that things get dropped, hit, submerged, kicked, stepped on, and so forth. We’ve had rogue waves flood our tablet and float our phone. There is nothing quite like sitting in the cockpit and watching your phone float down the gunnel.

Electronics and boats don’t seem to mesh well. The salt is harsh on equipment and water is never your friend. We have destroyed laptops, Go Pros, batteries, the Yeti, and countless Go Pro equipment all in the name of adventure.




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