Episode 36 – The DEAL HOUND Strikes Again!

We untie Rad Mode from the bush we spent the night against in the Delta and sail down river to for some provisioning, a cheat day, pizza, beer, and donut holes. Kristina, the Super Deal Hound, scores us some cheap provisions in Oakland and we stalk up, sailor style.

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Music credits:
Intro is Roll With the Changes by REO Speedwagon
Brick House by The Commodores
Howl by Michett @ freemusicarchive.com
Discovery by Scott Holmes @ freemusicarchive.com
Wondering by Borrtex @ freemusicarchive.com
Disco High by UltraCat @ freemusicarchive.com


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  1. Ray Smith says:

    my daughter Jessica use to be business manager for all three pier 39 restaurants. I built parts of pier 39 also. The 1st boat I built from a bare hull and deck in redwood city in 1974-5 – The ” Lady J ” an Islander 34 is the most popular tourist rental at the S.F. Sailing Co at Pier 39. I named the boat after our family dog I still miss them both. I use to work for a commercial diving company just down the street for many years. It’s all old home week for me watching your bay area travels.

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  2. 4theriders says:

    Stock up, you stalker. :p

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