NorCal Westsail Rendezvous 2017!!! (PHOTOS)

It’s more than just a rendezvous. Last year we had the honor of attending the Westsail rendezvous even though our Westsail wasn’t sailing. This past year I have realized that it is more than just a rendezvous to show off your boat. It’s family, friends, relationships that have grown so much. These are people that kept in touch, reached out to us, helped us, and we have helped them. It’s a community. It is a family. It’s stories, jokes, and laughter. Sure, we have the same boat… but it’s more than that…

Unfortunately, last year we were unable to bring our boat to the Rendezvous because, try as me might, she wasn’t done. This year however, we were more than happy to bring Rad Mode to show off for the first time. “Show off” is a relative term since she is still incomplete and needs a ton of work. I have to say though that I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment since last year. This same time last year Rad Mode didn’t have the mast up. Wow! So much has happened since then.

I have met some of the most amazing people since we entered the sailing life. It seems that every where we go there are these amazing people. Sailors are a different breed of people, but they are awesome! I have never felt so at home and connected to people as I have with real time cruising people. Sure they are a different breed, but so am I.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with the Westsail Rendezvous, they set up locations all over to meet for all Westsails within sailing range to come and get together. They raft up, bbq, have a couple of drinks, and you know… do what sailors do best. Race! Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of Westsails racing across San Francisco Bay?

So who are these old salty sailors? Let me introduce you to a few…

Bud- well lets not date the guy, but he’s been around since the beginning ๐Ÿ˜‰ and we are all very fortunate to have him. He was there when Westsail Corp started and continued on with starting and still owning Bud is an inspiration, a legend, a wealth of wisdom that casts a pretty big shadow if anyone attempts to follow in his steps. Can’t imagine life without this guy.


Jay on the Pygmalion hosts some of these awesome rendezvous. It’s a dirty job, but somebodies got to do it ๐Ÿ™‚


Randy has owned the Tortuga for almost 20 yrs now. He has done races, the Transpac race, and leisurely cruises.


Doug wanted a boat to go fishing in Alaska and 35 yrs later he still owns Pelican.


Jim and Julie on the Worldwind have made some amazing modifications to their boat. Julie has also put a lot of time and effort into writing a book about their cruising adventures down south.

pelican worlswind

Terry and Laura bought their dream boat almost 20 yrs ago. They got married, had babies, all the while they lived on the boat and worked hard to complete it. Ironically, they never named their boat.

Terry Laura

Rick on Freestyle lives on his boat and finds any excuse to go cruising, especially north.


These are just a few of the awesome Westsailors we have had the pleasure of meeting. There were so many people that showed up and I was able to hang out with. I know there are a lot more Westsailors out there and I would love to get to know all of you.

When you hear Westsail I hope the next thoughts are… It’s sailors! It’s fun! It’s unique! It’s not something that every boating community has, but it is something that Westsailors do. It’s who we are.



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