Why we do the Episode Videos

Why do we make “episode” videos?… I wonder sometimes myself. They are not easy and they do take a lot of time, but when it boils down to it the simplest answer is because we want to share our story. Our story might not be the greatest, but it is unique… and we love it. So why not share it.

We have learned so much from Google and Youtube on how to do things. I am the Google queen for trying to find an answer to something when it goes wrong. Not to mention that we love the other people who put out episode videos. They are fun and entertaining. It might be because we don’t have cable TV and I might have found a new appreciation for the episode videos on Youtube. I have to say though, Sailing SV Delos puts out a really good video. The people, production, location… so much goes into it. I’ll discuss that in a later blog post.

I think the next big question that comes to mind is… What’s in it for us? Not much really. Youtube doesn’t pay out to make it worth it, and if that was the reason why we were doing it we would have stopped long ago.

We also are on patreon.com. I think most of you know what it is, but for those of you who don’t, think of it like a tip jar.  It’s not our income, but more of a small tip because you like what we have done and enjoy watching the videos. Don’t get me wrong, it helps, but it’s not what we live on or what pays the bills. Not to mention that we break so much of our GoPro equipment trying to capture those awesome moments on film. Patreon is another avenue that we have taken to try to help with production costs.

So again, why do we do it? For one, it’s fun. For the most part we enjoy it. However, overall, the main reason we started doing the videos was we wanted to share that there is another way to live besides the “rat race”. We had a normal life before this… no really, we did. I will get more into that in a future blog post. Pretty sure I’ll title it something along the line of “More about us”…. “History of Us”…. another glass of wine and I might come up with a catchier title, but you get the idea.

I know this video episode thing isn’t for everyone. I mean who wouldn’t want a Gropro in their face 24/7? But the bigger point is that we want to share our experiences with you. They’re challenging sure, but they’re also full of fun, adventure, tears, excitement, fear, and every other emotion you could possibly imagine. And we hope you stay with us through this journey. We love the online community and always appreciate the feedback.



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  1. Doug says:

    Well, it’s been interesting watching you learning to sail, and other sailer’s helping, it’s one of the reason’s i like the life style, the village mentality of helping each other out, been doin this for about 50 year’s, i’m 79, some time in the future i’m sure our path’s will cross, oh yeah, your kid’s are great.

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    1. probst629 says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I hope our paths do cross in the future. We love the sailing community and meeting a whole bunch of awesome people. Our kids love it to 🙂


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