What is it about Boats?

I can name a hundred reasons why you should never get into owning a boat, but… (there’s always a but), but for every reason I can name not to buy a boat I can name a hundred more why you should. Why is that?…

For something that is a headache, a hassle,  and a liability why on earth would I ever promote for others to get into this endless endeavor?

Boats are not just about the wood or the fiberglass. They are so much more than that… It is about the relationships, stories, new friendships, challenges,  but most of all it’s the experiences… the adventure.

Every now and then Justin and I entertain the idea of getting an RV again and traveling by land, again. Note, we have done this before. It is easier, simpler, and a lot less hassle than a boat from our experience. However, we have also noticed that it is a lot more limiting and a lot less challenging. As appealing as that sounds, once you have tasted sailing life it is hard to go back to anything else. Sure it is entertaining for a moment, here and there, but over all I know deep down I would not be happy. It is the easy way out. Something goes wrong on the boat, sure yeah lets sell it and get an RV. Problem solved! …Is it though?

A boat offers an opportunity that you can’t find anywhere else. Traveling by sea is an amazing experience, one that we desire to explore far more, but even in our limited experience we are hooked. A boat tests you in more ways than you could ever imagine. It tests your personal limits. It tests your relationships; spouses, children, family, loved ones, and your self. A boat offers a sense of freedom. Out in the ocean with no land in sight is the freest I have felt in a very long time. Most of all a boat offers the dream. Everyone knows what that dream is…. It is a dream of the future… the moment of today… and the memory of yesterday….



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  1. Peter Maurer says:

    Very well said.
    Also, thank you for writing, on your blog, again. I like your videos, however what attracted me, and made me a faithful follower of this blog, was your’s and Justin’s writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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