Episode 23- Behind the Scenes


The count down continues and the work on Rad Mode is not delayed. Seriously the old saying of, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, is so true! In a means to keep morale high and the fact that life just happens we try to make the best of it… or should I say, to have the best time of it?

Tons of work still had to be done on Rad Mode so we continued to plug away at the endless list of things to be done. All the while we had plans to go sailing! Of course not on Rad Mode just yet since she was still under construction. However, there are other boats we knew that were quite capable of sailing….

I continued to work on the rot repair on the companion way hatch with our good friend Dennis from the SV Shamaness. While I did this Justin and Kurt continued to plug away at the construction of the nesting dinghies. Needless to say, during the process of all of this our sander decided to crap out on us, again! We have gone through several sanders now, and a word of advice… buy the warranty!

A boat would not be a boat without the dirty jobs. Rebuilding the head is not a job anyone on the boat desires to do. I’m not sure how I got roped into the task, but I did. Actually I think Justin was endlessly pouring over the mast plans so in an effort to clear my head of all the endless calculations I decided to tackle another task at hand… and what better task than, the head? It was gross. I can’t lie. I don’t envy anyone who is delegated to this task. I mean think of the pump system…the poo mashing system… Who’s poo is it? Mine? Yours? The last guest… owner… kid… the guy you don’t remember inviting on board? Seriously, it’s gross. But somebody has to do it :/

As busy as we were we still had time to help friends. We helped raise the mast on Plan B after some repair that needed to be done on the top part of the mast. I don’t know about you, but for me it is always a little nerve racking raising a mast dock side. However, raising a couple of smaller masts I believe helped steel my nerves for when it became time to raise the mast on Rad Mode. The biggest mast we have raised yet. As always it is a prideful moment when you accomplish tasks (especially large ones) on your boat and did not have to solely rely on others to get it done. I love the feeling of being able to handle anything on our boat because you never know what is going to happen out there and it is important to be able to handle the situation when it arises.

Raising the mast on Plan B
Raising the mast on Plan B

Justin’s brother, Jared, was having his BIG 35th birthday, and wanted to share it with us. We always love family to come and visit to share the memories. The kids loved hanging out with their cousin Cauis while they played games, went swimming, and watched movies. The grownups on the other hand found other ways to amuse ourselves by bbqing, diving, and improv LOL!

Is cleaning the hull for fun or a punishment? We don’t know. The kid’s were as eager to get the boat done as we were… or maybe even more so. It started to become a serious family effort to make sure Rad Mode was finished by the deadline.

Rad Mode wasn’t able to sail quite yet, but SV Plan B was! We had a great time sailing the Delta in the summer winds. The Delta is a great place to go sailing and happens to be where we first learned how to sail. Plus my Mom didn’t come all the way out to just sit around and watch us do boat work all the time, so we had to go sailing 😊 Any excuse, right? We had a great time sailing on Plan B. The Cheoy Lee Bermuda 30 Ketch is an awesome blue water boat, but is also fun up river with its’ shallow draft and easy maneuverability. In case you didn’t know, this was our first boat, and my brother ended up getting the boat from us. We were so happy to see the boat go to family not only because we put so much time and care into the boat, we love the boat, but also so we could keep sailing on the boat! While my mom was out we had to juggle work and sailing because of our 60 day notice. It was a great time sailing on the Delta in the summer. My Mom took an instant liking to sailing and picked it up so quick. She brought the boat into the slip by herself after just a couple trips out! I think it runs in the family 😉

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