Episode 22- Behind the Scenes (Pics)


Ever make a deal with someone and then they don’t keep their end of the bargain? Furthermore, have you ever invested thousands of dollars, your lively hood, home, and so forth to have that deal broken and essentially putting you out on the street???

Let me tell you a little bit of what was going on during the final days of construction with Rad Mode. As you all know we were crazy for even buying Rad Mode! Rad Mode was an unfinished kit boat with about 85% of what she needed to be completed. However, it wasn’t that simple. The mast and boom was also a kit that never had been done. There was not a single hole in either one! Turns out it is not as easy to make one as it is to assemble as one would think. The boat also didn’t have sails, standing rigging, or running rigging. You know, the “big-ticket” items.

Needles to say, we bought the boat under the terms that we could complete Rad Mode there at the marina and use the “park” to do a lot of the major work such as assembling the mast, sanding, drilling, and the list went on. Ok so, we bought the boat and started working on Rad Mode… then we get a 60 day notice.

Yes, it did come as shocker. Yes, we were angry… And yes, we make “mistakes”. We are human. We shouldn’t have gotten angry, but we invested everything we had into this boat. When we first got the notice I went and talked to the manager at the marina because we had an agreement. I was quickly informed that they did not owe me an explanation… I disagree. We had an agreement. It is not like they were going to give me my money back because they backed out of the deal. How could they even possibly reimburse on all the man hours we had put into the boat let alone the expense that had rapidly been growing? In short, they couldn’t… or better yet wouldn’t. Not that we even wanted them to. We just wanted what was fair.

Well, they broke the agreement with us so the way we saw it was we had to do whatever needed to be done to get the boat “sailable” when our ticking time bomb of 60 days went off. The marina has a huge lawn area that nobody uses and was part of our initial agreement that we could use it. We kept on working on the projects. One right after another until the days seemed to blur together. We could have put our epoxy away in our suburban every night, but we didn’t. We could have put our 200 lb past on our boat every night across the levy, but we didn’t. Like I said, we are human. They altered the rules, and we bent the rules a bit. In the end almost everyone at the marina was rooting for us to finish on time.

We spent so many hours working on getting the mast and boom built, servicing the winches that were all locked up, installing the kerosene stove and tank, doing rot repair on the companion way hatch, installing the diesel tank, getting the engine running, installing the bowsprit and boomkin, handrails, running rigging, standing rigging, rebuilding the head, all of the electrical, building our dinghy, and so much more… It was exhausting, but rewarding. And there is still so much more to be done! Even though the days were long and seemed to meld together it was an experience in itself. We know this boat. We built this boat 😊

Anyone who has stayed at marinas knows that are is always a bit of drama that comes with it. We found it kind of funny that a guy at the marina who has never liked Justin tried to pick a fight with Justin again, but this time it turned out that it was not Justin Haha! Well, this other guy was not so understanding and they ended up in a fight. The guy at the marina who hates Justin got his butt kicked by this other guy who looks like Justin. It gets better though. Everyone thought it was Justin and still thinks its Justin. No one connected the dots that Justin was on the boat having dinner with me and the kids, and not at the bbq kicking this guys butt. We were focused on getting our boat done, not on brawling. The rest of the time we were at the marina the guy would drive around mad dogging Justin because he still thought, still thinks, it was Justin. Weird, right?

Right before we got the notice my mom, whom I hadn’t seen in 4 yrs!, had already booked a plane ticket out from Oklahoma to come visit. I was so excited to see her after all this time and it was first time she would lay eyes on Rad Mode! I took Bart for the second time in my life with my friend Irena into Oakland. As always everything turns into an adventure 🙂

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