Episode 21- Behind the Scenes (Pics)

Hey guys, as we all know there is A LOT more that happens that never gets caught on film… and sometimes you just have to be there 🙂

Since the previous owner passed away we had no way to know how long it was since Rad Mode had been hauled out and had the bottom done. We decided to post pone our Mexico trip this winter and let the haul out take priority. If we would have known this was going to be one of the worst wettest winters ever we might have reconsidered our decision. Or maybe at least headed a little further south before getting hauled out.

After a lot of calling around and debate we decided on Ladd’s marina to get the boat hauled. We are very glad we did. Even though the flooding everyday was inconvenient to say the least the owner’s were very fair with us on price and they are super nice people! Patty was super nice and let us borrow her car to run and do some provisioning and her husband Alan was a wealth of boat knowledge.

We really do believe it is worth the trip up river if your boat is located in the SF Bay/ Delta area. Another bonus was that there is a Home Depot not to far away for any last minute tools, sandpaper, and whatever. As far as boat parts Ladd’s does have a nice size shop, but when they didn’t have what we wanted they had no problems with us having things delivered there. I even had some of the kids school books delivered there. We met some really nice people and were lucky to have some really cool neighbors on the hard. The kids made a new friend with Debbie and Bing’s daughter Samantha. What an awesome family!

I personally wasn’t that thrilled to be back doing some serious boat work so soon after just getting Rad Mode sailing, but it was something that really needed to be done. We did a ton of research on blisters before tackling the project. We had also made a whole list of other projects that needed to be done to eliminate any down time waiting for epoxy to dry and what not. It was very nice to see and reassuring that Rad Mode’s bottom looked really good all things considered. Now we can rest easy at night knowing that blisters are taken care of and we inspected all of our through-holes. However, in hind sight we should have raised the water line. We followed the original one, but now seeing how low that baby sits in the water when she is not even entirely full the water line should have been raised about six inches. Next time…

Hope you enjoyed the episode! Please leave any comments, suggestions, and feedback down below. And if you really liked the video give us that awesome thumbs up by hitting the like button 🙂


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  1. Tim Reese says:

    I Love seeing you guys just be so free and able to geek out a life the way you guys want. Awesom to see that in this day and age.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. probst629 says:

    Thanks Tim! We choose to be free and enjoy life regardless of how others chose to affect us. It’s not always easy, but sets a good example for our kids. We wish only the best lives for all of them.


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