Episode 16 – It Rains and Pours in the Winter of Storms

We’ve come into contact with a ton of Westsail 32 mentors since purchasing Rad Mode and one of these mentors, Captain Leasure on the SV Tortuga, came by to help us work on our main sail reefing and taught us a ton about Westsail 32’s in the process.

After that, I ran to town for a quick provisioning run while Kristina took our sailing kids out for some training. It’s great to have sailing kids on Rad Mode.

Soon after Kristina picked me up from Sausalito, we anchored in Richardson’s Bay and ended up going through a serious set of nearly non-stop storms, riding the storms out on anchor. Our storm anchor is just a 45 lb CQR and we have 30 feet of half inch chain attached to 3/4″ three strand nylon rode. It managed to do the job as we were pounded by winds up to 55 knots. The boat was slammed around so hard on occasion that it literally slammed our heavy companionway hatch all of the way open numerous times.

When it rains, it pours but that didn’t stop this crew from doing our very best to have a good time even in the worst conditions.


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