Oh my sweet sweet love of mine…

Long awaited… even longer over due… the new laptop has finally arrived! Oh let me tell you the nightmare it has been to get a simple new laptop. After numerous cancellations (not because of us) and shipping errors we have finally received our laptop and are back in action!!!

One of the issues, believe it or not, was the address. “What do you mean you live on a boat? No we need a real physical address in your name.” Hmmm, well that won’t do. Ok, so maybe part of the cancellations would technically be our fault.

Needless to say I am, in the moment, typing on the new laptop. Ahhh what a joy it is to be back on a “real” computer instead of the tiny little blue notebook. Little blue has saved me, don’t get me wrong. Without little blue I would have been kicked out of school long ago. However (I hate to tell little blue) there is big bad video software, but little blue just can’t hang.

Stay tuned guys for our next episode because we are back in action!



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