Out on the hard…

Today is the first day that SV Rad Mode has been on the hard since… we have no idea when. As you all know, we bought her as a lien sale from a marina because unfortunately the previous  (and only) owner passed away. The downside to buying the lien sale is we have no idea the history of the boat. When was she last hauled out? Has the bottom paint ever been done?? Are there blisters???? Oh I am getting more anxious by the minute…

Rad Mode is currently safely on the hard after my several inner thoughts screaming at me that boats this size do not belong on land!!! Once I calmed those inner thoughts and trusted the people at the marina that they know what they are doing everything went rather smoothly. Rad Mode got pulled out at a blink of an eye. While we were in signing paper work they were yanking her out of the water. Once out they were quick to pressure wash her and put her in her spot “on the hard” for our duration of the stay.

Well, after some inspection we were pleased that she only has a couple of blisters and a little repair we need to do on the rudder from the previous owner. It should not take us long to be back in the water!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. 4theriders says:

    She likes it hard. Err, I mean…umm…


    1. probst629 says:

      She prefers to be wet. 😉


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