Merry Christmas San Fransisco! (Lots of Pics)

We were going to leave yesterday. We really were, but then we decided why leave on Christmas Eve? Tomorrow we are pulling up anchor I swear it, but as for today we are taking the day off and enjoying the holiday.

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas day and sharing it with loved ones and friends. As for us, today it is just the two of us since all of our kiddos have gone to share the holiday with other relatives. So what do parents do when the children are away? Play! We splurged on calamari at the local fish market and went by Safeway for champagne. Today is like a honeymoon. Just me and hubby. Oh the boat is so quiet without the constant chatter of children, but we relish in these moments because… the honeymoon is not over 😉

Merry Christmas!
Christmas Feast!

However, since I last wrote to you we have gone out and explored more of San Fransisco. I never realized how cool this city is to explore! We have been having a blast. We took Annabelle and Darius to the Cable Car Museum and the beach to play before they left. Middle of December and they are in the water in their swimsuits Haha! Again we went to China Town because the kiddos are so fascinated on the different culture and street signs. They loved the fish market with all the live fish, frogs, and turtles swimming around.Plus it was unique experience for them to try to converse with people who did not speak English at all.

After the kiddos left hubby and I ventured over to the Museum of Fine Arts, the musical organs of the sea, and then the Golden Gate Bridge. I have never walked the Golden Gate before and was excited to do so. Unfortunately we hiked all the way over there to find out that they do not allow dogs on the bridge. Oh well, next time.

Merry Christmas!



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