Day 2 of Drizzle…

This is the second day of being wet and virtually no end in sight. We set the hook down in the Bay to ride out the weather, but it is so cold! I am probably just being a baby, but as of late the first thing I see every morning is my own breath. A heater would be nice not only to warm us up, but dry out as well. Actually I should say an installed heater. We have a diesel heater, 40 years brand new, that came with the boat, but we do not have all the parts to install it so it just lies there in the quarter berth taunting me of what it could be doing.

One way however, to warm up and keep morale up is a nice hot home cooked meal. Oh yes it was absolutely delicious and worth all the effort to see those beautiful smiles .

Awesome “home” cooked meal for kiddos

Although I am wet and cold the view is nice and we have been meeting some really nice people in the area. Last night we met a super nice guy, Chris, who invited us to join him and his girlfriend and some others for a raft up this weekend. Sounds like fun! Hopefully the rain will let up.


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  1. Hi Guys! Nina and I will be staying at Galilee Harbor for the next few weeks! Lets meet up! Its right next to the public dinghy dock. Also check out finedayforsailing if you haven’t already, Cpt Heather has kids too!

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    1. probst629 says:

      Yes! We are thinking of heading into town tomorrow for a supply run. Also, you could probably see Rad Mode right now from Galilee. Look for the two-tone mast directly east of you.


  2. Doug says:

    Whats missing on the diesel heater and what make is it ?, diesel is the best sourse, as its dry heat, very simple, has a bowl in the bottom, fuel is dripped in to the bowl, either by a fuel pump [napa auto] via a carburater or by gravity [day tank] , needs a draft thru the cabin top or maybe out thru a port hole, but draft is important, some times a muffin fan can help, a little fuel gets metered into the bowl and lit with a little news paper, a small fan over the heater can move the heat thru the cabin, voila, heat.


    1. probst629 says:

      I can’t remember the make off the top of my head, but it’s a gravity feed to a drip pan. We just have to hang it, get the pipe, run it all through the cabin top, and install the tank. It’s hard to get all of this done without 110 or a generator. We have to wait for our occasional guest slip.


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