Time to get Real

It is so close… yet so far. As much as I wish to sail out the San Francisco Golden Gate, you have no idea how much personal restraint this is taking, there are things that need to be addressed on Rad Mode before we can do that. Frankly if it were just me, or just hubby and me, I would make a mad dash out the gate no holds bared. But it’s not just me, or us, we have children. As much as I don’t like to admit that children slow me down, they do just a tad.

I only say this because of their safety. My worst nightmare, honestly, is losing a child. As a precaution we won’t be sailing out just yet. Though the time is soon approaching. To make this happen we just need a few things in the immediate future, and a few things in the desirable future.

What do we need in the near future, you ask?

– Reefing system for our main sail. We have none.

– Our hatches do not latch down… at all.

– Staysail to be rigged

– Bilge pump installed

– And figure out why our running lights aren’t working and our vhf won’t transmit

The desirable future we need:

– Stanchion posts and lifelines

– Jack lines

– Life line netting

– Just a bit better way to make the boat a little safer….

Away we sail and hopefully sooner than later out the “Gate”…. Γεια μας!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I feel your anguish. I feel like our list of upgrades is never getting any shorter. Keep the faith. It’ll happen 🙂

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    1. probst629 says:

      We’re trying! Just have to keep pushing through, right?


  2. NovaLune says:

    Best wishes on your plans! It sounds like you’re ready to live the dream.


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