Keeping Sailing Affordable

One way we are able to afford sailing is by the good old fashion budget system. Right now we budget $320 a month for food, which was really easy to do until we hit Sausalito, California. The only grocery store within walking distance is Mollie Stone’s. I had never been to a Mollie Stone’s before and for those of you who have not either it is like a Whole Food’s/ Trader Joe’s. Not cheap, at all. The next best option for groceries is Safeway a few miles away.

So when we find ourselves in these predicaments we shop the sale/special items. There are some things that we really would like to have on board like cream cheese, beef, and butter, but based on prices we just have to go without for the time being. Luckily at Mollie Stone’s ground beef was affordable! So we bought just a little bit.

Some areas we travel to we find items super affordable so we stalk up because other areas the same thing is twice the price or more! For example sardines go any where from $1 up to $3 a can. Also we buy a lot of dried beans and rice to keep costs down. Plus certain squashes and eggs tend to keep a lot longer.



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  1. phathomwerks says:

    Hey Guys, loving your down to earth DIY videos just discovered them today through latitude 38. I often find good prices in the little mom n pop mexican markets in the Hispanic neighborhoods. PeaceNall B.K. s/v La Sirena, Cal 48 la Paz Mex. / San Mateo Ca.

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    1. probst629 says:

      Thanks for the comment. We love the little Mexican markets as well but they can be hard to get to in California without a car. We are looking into getting a bicycle or using public transit a bit more. Hope to see you in La Paz someday!


  2. oracleofeerwah says:

    We used to live on fish and fresh air and sometimes a glass of hot cheep wine… causing the Queensland coast and the coral sea… them were the days, no money, no food… just a great time, the best. Have a look.

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    1. probst629 says:

      That sounds awesome!


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