Our Experience at Heidi’s Outrigger Marina and Saloon

A couple of days ago, we found ourselves on Three Mile Slough trying to find our way to Rio

The Outrigger view from our masthead.

Vista. We were in desperate need of some parts that had slipped through the cracks of our shopping list in our desperate rush to leave the marina. What we found instead was good friends, good beer, and a Marina Saloon with a very promising future.

Our good sailing friends Jody and Amanda happened to be at the Outrigger Marina. We didn’t intend to stop by but Jody screaming Rad Mode from the docks changed that instantly. It was complete chance that we ran into them but after hugs and catching up for 5 minutes, we went right into getting beers and sharing stories.

The bar and grill was clean and had the atmosphere we love. Laid back. The beer was ice cold and was served in a large, frozen pitcher and came with matching frozen mugs. I love a beer that’s served this way. There’s nothing like a little frozen head when you are pouring your glass. They also kept bringing us ice cold mugs with each new pitcher!

Part of our sailing family, Jody and Amanda.

Heidi and Dennis are the new owners of the Outrigger. Not only were they super nice

The Outrigger at night. 

people but they seem dedicated to turning the Outrigger into a must-stop among the Delta’s bar and grills. Just 7 months ago, they brought Mike on board, a professionally trained chef and a passionate one at that. Having been born to a professional chef father and a mother that was taught to cook everything from scratch by her grandmother, I know a thing or two about cooking. Not only do Mike and Dennis know how to cook but in the last 6 months, I’ve heard at least three other recommendations, randomly from other sailors, that said we have to go get something to eat at the Outrigger. In addition to completely revamping the menu with a goal of serving only the best food, they are working hard to fix a lot of the structural challenges that come with owning an old marina on the Delta.

One of the challenges they are facing is the mud that has been deposited under the dock in front of the bar due to years of neglect by the previous owners and the current in the slough. They are considering having it dredged in the future but for now, any sailboats visiting will want to pull into the north-western most slips along the dock, which were 8 feet deep or more. The other slips are best for bass boats and power boats or shallow draft sailboats at high tide.

The two red circles are the deepest points along the guest dock.

The prices on beer were great and the prices on food seemed to be pretty standard for a grill on the Delta. After having eaten at places like Spindrift, which was similarly priced to Outrigger but of poor quality, you’ll be getting a great meal for your dollar at Outrigger. The service was excellent with employees that were sure to take care of you and Heidi herself served us most of the time we were there. They are open every day of the week at 11 am.

We’ll definitely go out of our way in the future to swing back into the Outrigger to see Heidi, Dennis, and Mike again, people that became friends over the two nights we spent hanging out. If you are in the area and in need of an ice-cold pitcher and a great meal, swing in to Outrigger and tell them Rad Mode sent you.




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  1. Jack says:

    Great story, sounds like some good eats.
    Enjoy your trip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. probst629 says:

      Thanks Jack! They are working hard to make the place worth visiting over and over again. We are leaving in the morning if the wind forecast holds up. Weathermen lie, though. We’ll see what happens though and will be posting updates to our Facebook page. Talk to you later!


  2. Jay & Era says:

    Kristina and Justin,

    It was really nice to meet you and your children this evening at Heidí’S Outrigger Marina & Saloon! Your adventures are awesome!

    I located the website I mentioned about another couple with wanderlust:
    Kristy & Sean Michael http://longlonghoneymoon.com

    Please reply by email when time permits.

    Best wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving!
    Tue 22Nov2016

    Liked by 1 person

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