‘Twas the Night Before Leaving…

When all through the marina, not a seaworthy vessel was stirring…oh wait…a Westsail 32 was stirring.


Yup, we moved Rad Mode over to another slip near the office today. We were waiting for stuff from West Marine and didn’t want to miss the UPS guy since WE ARE LEAVING TOMORROW and were in desperate need of cleats for our boom and mast! At about 3pm, we got we needed and moved Rad Mode back to her normal slip under motor.

Yes, the time has finally come. Is the boat totally rigged, seaworthy, and ready to tear up

Getting the sail tracks sorted out.

the delta on the way to the SF Bay Area? No. However, Kristina and I am ready so she has no choice other than to do her best to deal with what she’s going to get served. We don’t have the staysail tracks installed so she’s going to have to run blocks off of the handrails. Only one of the running backstays is operational (the other should be good to go in the morning) and there is no line run for the outhaul, which we’ll have to fix early tomorrow. Bottom line…we have no more time here to work on Rad Mode.

We relish the challenge. We are going to learn more about this boat in the next two weeks than we will in the two years following. We’re running her bare bones. She’ll be barely sailing tomorrow but she will sail. How will we do? We’ll see. How will she do anchoring tomorrow night? I bet she sees a better morning than I do since I get sea sick pretty easily.

All things considered, we had an eventful day and  got a lot done. Here are some photos from the day.



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  1. Orrin Anderson says:

    Good luck you guys.

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  2. Good work guys. It’ll work out finding a spot I”m sure.

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