The Day the Mast Went Up!

Wow! What an amazing day. I can’t believe it really happened. After all this time and work I am proud to announce that we raised the mast on SV Rad Mode. With the help of a bunch of friends it went a lot smoother than I initially thought it would. In truth I was dead set on using a crane because our mast is quite the beast weighing in probably around 350 pounds or so all said and done.

So here’s the run down of the day…

Hubby and I were having coffee talking about the tasks for the day. He mentioned he wanted breakfast (we never eat breakfast) and then he was going to find our good sailor friend Dennis and talk to him about our mast. Thirty seconds later, I kid you not, Dennis knocks on our boat and invites us over for waffles to talk about raising our mast today! The plan was for in a day or two, but hey why not today.

Plan is in action so now we just needed a crew. Last minute notice I let our friend Andy know and he happened to be available. I then hunted down Kurt and Irena from Plan B. Dennis of course from SV Shamaness. Orrin happened to sail in and was recruited to help. John then happened to be walking by with his dog and guess what, recruited him too. Patti, John’s wife, came by and took some photos along with Irena, which is awesome so I have plenty to share with you guys.

We had a plan and a crew now. Of course there are always some hiccups, but that didn’t hardly slow us down. There was a post in the way as we were moving the mast to the boat from the park, Andy took care of that in short order. The stern swung out on our boat leaving for a very hairy moment with the mast. Last but not least a halyard got stuck at the top of our mast. All in all it was a great day! The mast is safely up and staying up.

I’m not sure I have completely conveyed to you what an awesome momentous moment this was for us. We put so many hours, time, blood, money, and tears into making this happen. It was more than that though. This boat has never ever ever sailed before. As hard as it is to wrap your head around a sailboat that was built 40 yrs ago that has never had a sail up is… it was more than that. This was a dream that started over 40 yrs ago. It started with a man who unfortunately was not able to complete the dream.

Cheers to you Michael O’Connelly for having that dream! In memory of you this Westsail 32 will sail! SV Rad Mode will start her first voyage on Halloween 2016, stay tuned for Episode 1 Sailing Rad Mode!




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  1. 4theriders says:

    That is so Freggin awesome! Congrats! I can’t wait to see you guys sail that beast!

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  2. I’m getting my rigging sorted then I’ll be putting up my mast too! šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. probst629 says:

      Oh what a satisfying pain in the ass it was…


  3. Congrats on a job well done! When our mast went up, we used a crane and the operator damaged the mast. Three months and an insurance claim later we hired a rigger to step our brand new mast with a travel lift. It was a bad story with a happy ending though. Glad to see yours went up so smooth.

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    1. probst629 says:

      Wow, that must have been terrible. I can’t imagine that happening after all of the work it takes to put a mast up.


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