The Day the Boat Won

I have to give it to her. Rad Mode has never sailed. She’s spent her entire 40 year life either on the hard or in a slip and apparently, she’s not ready to go sailing. Today, she fought me tooth and nail to keep me from putting in one of the boomkin tangs just above the waterline on the port side. Man, she fought hard. She fought and she won.

It all started with us measuring carefully and drilling through the hull where the bolts go

Me preparing to enter the engine compartment BEFORE things started sucking.

for this specific tang. Once I got down in the boat to put the backing plates and nylocks on, I realized that the stern-most bolt was very much barely accessible. The previous owner and original builder of Rad Mode liked to go big. Somewhere along the line, he decided that the rear lazzarette should be extremely reinforced in case the massive weight from bumpers and life jackets might possible cause it to collapse down into the boat. Both bolts inside of the hull were separated by 2″ of bulkhead PLUS additional support for the bottom of the lazzarette. What the hell? I like a boat that’s a little overbuilt too but this is ridiculous.


As the story goes from there, I spent the next 4 hours over the shaft behind our diesel (not much space back there) with pretty much every power tool imaginable. I cursed the previous owner’s name in as many different ways as I could possibly come up with during my barely controlled, R-rated, ghost-cursing rant as I drilled and cut my way through this bulkhead with barely

My beautiful wife getting ready to hook up the boomkin stays.

any space to work. Just about every part of my body cramped while in there and I can truly say that I was serious pissed and it seriously sucked. Anyone that has done boat work, of which I have done quite a bit, will believe me when I say that this was the crappiest work I’ve had to do to date.

Tomorrow is a new day and I WILL WIN. Rad Mode might be determined not to sail but she must understand that is no longer an option for her. She’s going sailing. Like it or not.



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  1. 4theriders says:

    “I fought the boat, and the boat won.”


  2. Nah bro, she’s testing you. She wants to see how determined you are. You gonna give up or you gonna fight and win. She’ll love you once you dominate her. Tough work but once done, you’ll have a well broken filly – if you get my meaning. I certainly understand the frustration of trying to get bolts in place in an awkward hole in the bowels of the boat.

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    1. probst629 says:

      I’m more determined that she is. I can promise you that.


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