Is our boat big enough for 7 people?

I sit here in the V berth just past midnight fuming to myself that there is hardly any space. Our boat is big, but is it really big enough for 7? Honestly, not comfortably. And this is coming from a woman who is used to small quarters. Sometimes I just get tired of shuffling kids at night, getting stepped on, trampled over, elbowed, and frankly sitting with half a butt cheek off of the V berth cushion just to get enough wall space to lean against because it is the only available space with head room right now.

Sometimes in boat life I have those moments where I wish I just had a closet to myself. I’m not even asking for a whole room. Just some where to go and get away from the cramped, loud, chaos. In a perfect world I would dream of having a whole cabin for my kids to be in that way they are not trashing mine and leaving who knows what behind where I am about to lay my head for the night.

I know I am stressed and my nerves are fried. But, honestly, what do you do when you have nowhere to go?



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  1. GeorgieMoon says:

    I feel your pain. We all need a bit of space to call our own. There are just the two of us living on a 40ft ketch, which is only just big enough, I’d hate it to be any smaller. At least I can hide away in the aft cabin, or, if the forecabin with V berth isn’t being used as a showroom for the tools and paints, I can hide in there too. You are very brave to have seven living on a yacht!

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    1. probst629 says:

      It’s not easy! We need to teach them all how to sail well so we can relax on the foredeck with martinis. 😉

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  2. Viki Moore says:

    We holiday on board our 30′ boat with five of us. Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in… blended family too which doesn’t help. Hence we are waiting until the kids are a bit more independent so we can go cruising full time with out them!

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  3. Carl says:

    Where people go is a descent into despair and depression. You are overpopulated and under capitalized.
    I’ve lived aboard for over 25 years w and wo children. And witnessed more than one suicide notwithstanding people abandoning their ships in faraway places.


    1. probst629 says:

      It’s a good thing we all love each other. Besides, what better way to know your children than to be crammed assholes to elbows with them? -J


  4. JAN HANSEN says:

    Perhaps, WE, can hide in a book; or, in, a , song; or, in, a, poem!

    Are you ever burdened with
    a load of care?
    Does the cross seem heavy
    You are called to bear?
    Count, your many blessings
    Every, doubt will fly; and,
    and, you, wil be singing as the
    Days go by!
    Count, your, blessings
    Name them one by one;
    Count, your, blessings see what
    GOD, hath done….
    Count, your, blessings…
    Name, them, one, by, one…
    Count, your, many blessings see what GOD hath done!

    When, you, look at others with
    Their lands and gold;
    Think, that, CHRIST, had promised,
    You, HIS, wealth untold;
    Count, your, many blessings
    ANGELS, will attend;
    Help and comfort give, You, ’till
    Your, journeys, end.

    Count, your blessings name them
    One, by, one…
    Count, your blessings see what
    GOD hath, done;
    Count, your, blessings…..
    Name, them, one, by, one;
    Count, your, many blessings
    See what GOD hath, done!

    When amid the conflict; whether,
    Great or small; do, not be discouraged; GOD, is over, all;
    Count, your, blessings name them
    One, by, one….
    Count, YOUR, many blessings, see
    What GOD hath done.
    Count, your, blessings….
    Name them one by one….
    Count, your, many blessings
    See what GOD hath done!

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  5. JAN HANSEN says:

    I, love, love, love to get lost in Pinterest!


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