Just 2 Weeks Left… Or Better Yet 336 Hours

Wow! We haven’t talked in sooo long. Sorry about that. We have  just been so incredibly busy, as you can imagine. So what has been going on??? LOTS!

Recently we got our 30 year old brand new Shipmate kerosene installed. Yes we were warned it is a bad idea, but hey it is new, we have everything we need to install it, time is of the essence, and well we are just a little bit hard in the head. Since hubby and I have never really operated a stove/ oven like this before it took a few tries and setting ourselves on fire before we got the hang of it. We got it now. No need for the fire extinguisher any more.

Naturally… Crab Cakes and Brownies! Well it turns out the oven does not have a wick so I cooked the brownies on the stove. No problema, except that I fell asleep. Whoops! Hubby shut it off just as they were starting to blacken 🙂

Turns out the pump for the kerosene holding tank didn’t last long even though it was brand new, 30 years old. So hubby made a new gasket out of some scrap leather. Works awesome now!

Next on the list was to bust out the brand new 30 years old winches. They were all pretty and shiney… yet they would not turn. The grease seemed to have to turn into some type of tar substance. I guess this is common. Nothing a little kerosene can’t fix. And hey we got plenty of that now!

In preparation for our big departure we decided to install our cold plate and compressor. We had to make a shelf for the compressor in the engine compartment, which entailed fiberglass, paint, etc. It was a nightmare to get back in the engine room in that awful slanted weird angle, but hey that’s boat life, right?  It all went rather smoothly. Our “frig” works and we will start making the frig tops/counter tops tomorrow.

Awesome score! A boat near by us is up for SALE. It is an Islander 33 $1000 obo in case anyone is interested. The hull of the boat is in great shape, but there is no engine, not sure of sails, and is a serious boat building project. Kind of like how we bought Rad Mode Haha! Well we offered the owner $60 for the 3 gel deep cycle batteries… We are the proud new owner of batteries that we desperately needed. The guy had never done anything with the batteries the whole year he has owned the boat. Good news, we have charged them up and they are holding the charge!


Oh my poor hubby. Glad it is him and not me 😉 I am no electrician so I don’t envy this task at all. Wire… wire…wire??? Glad he knows what he is doing.

Now I am a woman of the simple things. Window hangers, hooks, cargo hammocks, lights, and kids is a big thing that puts a smile on my face 🙂 Our awesome friends, Dennis and June, took pity on us. We told them we were going to use LED Christmas lights this winter cause that is what we could afford and solar dependent (we have no shore power). They bought us 3 awesome LED lights for our boat. One of them he custom made with a red LED light on the side to see in the dark, which I absolutely love. We also put in hangers for our port lights, towel hangers, etc. Our 9 year old, Linnea, helped clean the area for epoxy. Kids fit in those small random places better than I do 🙂

So, what went wrong? The fuel line broke and needs to be replace for starters. Today the mast piece was giving hubby problems to the point that we might have to just redo it and make our own. Yesterday our car was broken into while I was out shopping in town with my brother getting supplies for the boat. It totally sucks because the thief completely broke the lock to the driver side door so we can’t even use the key any more. Naturally they stole boat parts, lighter fluid, and wine. Go figure. But nevertheless, it means another town trip for me. If that was not enough our Chase card info was stolen and someone charged it all over Stockton! Wow! Chase has blocked our card to help prevent fraud, but we are unable to get a new one until Tuesday because tomorrow is Columbus Day and banks are closed. Not a big deal except for the fact that we had already place a done of orders for last minute boat parts. It is going to delay us on getting our standing rigging, holding tank, rode, and so much miscellaneous parts that we need to be out of here in 2 weeks!

Deep breath…. deep breath… as the bridge raises delaying me in my second trip to town and melting half my ice… deep breath…




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  1. Skip says:

    Keep on keeping on,will be wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s not whether there will be storms (there will be), It’s how you handle them. Deep breath, nap, another deep breath, carry on.


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