25 Days Left and We’re Beat!

The days are ticking away like crazy. I’m getting more and more frustrated with interruptions from the 5 kids as I try my best to stay focused on getting SV Rad Mode done in time to sail out of here in style. I try to remind myself that they are just kids and BLAM, another one comes down the companionway, climbing by me as I wire in our DC Panel. VETE!!! Everytime this happens, I lose time and focus on the task at hand. Tomorrow morning, meditations will begin again since our punching bag is at our cabin in Oregon.

We’ve been crashing hard in the evenings, totally beat. The boat work is non-stop but as I mentioned above, the kids are relentless. Many evenings, we crash hard. Kristina and I have this sick game going where we take photos of each other passed out and/or snoring. She told me I’d better not ever post a pic online…

To be fair, here’s one of me.


We did get a lot done on SV Rad Mode today but it happened to be one of those times we


were too busy working to stop and take photos. Kristina nearly completely reorganized the boat, stowing and moving things so that she’ll be more friendly to live aboard while at sail. I worked to get our DC Panel wired and am happy to announce that the panel is now wired to our battery switch and can monitor both battery banks. All we need to do now is hook our electronics up to it. We also might have just scored 3 more slightly used deep cycle batteries that should help get us through the winter with ice in our margaritas!

Tomorrow, we’ve got a bit of finishing work to do on the mast before it’s ready to have the wire pulled and the VHF, steaming light, tri-color/anchor, and spreader lights installed. And oh boy do we have a surprise when it comes to our mast paint. Only Patrons are in on the secret right now but let me just say that you’ll be able to pick SV Rad Mode out amongst other W32’s easily. Also, we hope to get around to installing our coldplate tomorrow. We might even get the compressor installed.

Goodbye for now!



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