Just a Little Side Note… of SV Rad Mode

So many things have been happening I can’t hardly begin to describe them to you. The progress on the boat has been going good and I couldn’t be happier, but there is so much more than that. I mean our lives do not revolve completely around a boat being able to sail…  well almost. Ok, so we are sailors at heart and if our boat is not sailing we find other people to let us on board their boat to take us out sailing. But it is more than that…

Close one. Barely missed my boobies.

I cannot in good conscience say right now that my great dog attacked me, but boy right now I feel like she does not like me. I was trying to help her down the stairs into the boat from the companion way (main area) because it is quite the distance and she repaid me with… a scar??? WOW that’s gonna leave a mark!… and not even a cool story to go behind it :/


As you guys are totally aware of, we have 6 kids

ranging from 16 yrs old to 6. It’s a big range. The range really doesn’t seem so big until you start home schooling all of those ages and different grades. Home schooling isn’t all about, “well, honey, you are nine so technically you are in 4th grade.” No, home schooling is about advancing kids at what they are good at and working at what they are not so good at.

Cinco de los ninos!

I mean our seven year old is writing her own short stories (2nd grade?) and doing some complicated multiplication (3rd grade?). Just as an example. Of course it is not all peaches and cream, there are the off days. As when a kid is just having a bad day and nothing is going right, we as parents have to find a way to work with it and not so much as through it.

Darius, age 6, frying tostadas.

Dinner is pretty easy, now. We have a lot of mouths to feed so it does take some time to prepare. Our kids are more than willing to help and I try to take full advantage of that. Of course there is always the occasional night I would rather do it myself because it is faster haha. However, I am a firm believer of invest the time now and it will pay off later. A few years from now I invision sitting back and enjoying an awesome glass of wine while my kids make my dinner!


Oh on the upside we have learned quite a bit this past week:

1. I learned how not to set myself on fire while lighting the kerosene stove  (that’s what I get for laughing at hubby)

2. I made multiplication and division a real, understadable concept in the mind of a 9 yr old that was really struggling with math thanks to public schools that give everyone a participation ribbon 🙂

3. I am more capable than I remember…. or thought. (I am not sure how much this has changed, but more that I am better at it haha)

4. Things on a boat ALWAYS take longer. I swear every month that it won’t take as long, but I have realized deep down that it is more about planning and doing it right the first time. Of course, I am more of a “lets make shit happen” kind of person, but who really wants to do it twice?… Or better yet sail away to our dreams and have them come crashing down because of a demast or some thing worse.

5. The BIGGEST thing I have learned is, ‘it will all work out.’ I mean yeah we are on a deadline (I feel the crunch), but it is really not the end of the world. I have faith, I do, that it will all work out.

I feel the pressure. I do. It is not so much that I have to get this boat sailing, but I feel it is more of I have had to get to know this boat. I feel like I knew my old boat because I was restoring it. I was following a plan that had already been laid out. With this boat, SV Rad Mode, I feel like we are really just starting to get aquainted. I feel like we are planning this boat, building it, designing it, and sometimes just making it freaking happen! But all the while SV Rad Mode is putting her input all the while. You see it is not just about me or hubby or the unfinished kit boat W32, but it is about all of us and that is what makes SV Rad Mode!




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  1. 4theriders says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. Good luck!

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  2. Art says:

    It will all work out in the end! Good luck!

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  3. Bruce Bingham (designor of the Flicka and 40 others) says:

    As I am a retired yacht designer and builder, now a writer, illustrator, photographer in the marine field, I can tell you that when most boats are manufactured, things like chain plates, exhaust outlet, thru-hulls, most wiring and plumbing, are installed into the hull part long before the deck goes on. Sorry that you had so much trouble, but it makes you a more physically flexible person and experienced boat person even though you have been in the boat repair business. As a surveyor, I often warn potential buyers of older boats, that what might seem like an easy repair, might turn into a physical nightmare.

    Bruce Bingham aboard Nikki in Boca Ciega Bay, Florida

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    1. probst629 says:

      That’s a good point, Bruce. I don’t mind tackling the hard stuff. This was a real nightmare though. I did get it on this morning and it’s time to put the whisker stays on!


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