Less Than 30 to Go…

The past week since I last wrote to you guys has been quite the blurr. The time is flying by faster and faster as we approach what I like to refer to as “D-Day”. It makes me smile actually because I know we are moving onto the next exciting segment of our adventure.

So what’s been happening you wonder?

Mast… mast… mast… Sounds simplar than it is. I mean how hard can it be to put a mast together? Not that hard unless it doesn’t have any holes in it what so ever. So yep still working on it. However, paint will be going on in the next day or two. I will just be so overly beside myself with joy when the damn thing goes up! Oh and we are possibly… probably… going to raise it ourselves! Stay tuned for that.

Next tackle we decided on is if we should keep the diesel heater. It’s a brand new 35 yrs never been used Hi- Seas heater. It is taking up quite a bit of space in our hanging locker. So we pulled the bad boy out and checked the reviews. I guess some people think it is a death trap. Not ideal really. Other than that we did not put much time into it, but we’ll go with it for now because we live on the boat. Since we are continuing with the heater, I continued with the heater backing project. Lucky me, I was having one of those days and completly douched myself in stain while staining the trim for the backing. Yay me…

The fridge is on our soon “to do list”, wow that list is long and growing longer, but we’ll see how quickly we get to it. The problem as always is that if it is not installed it is taking up other neccessary space. Ugh!

I am about to make some curtains because we do not have any doors. I am starting to want a little privacy with 5 nosey kids in the boat. All the while I have made some bags for kids to put their cloths in. Now I just need to find a spot to put their toys.

We installed our oven… finally! It’s not because it was hard to do or that we didn’t want to do it, but more the fact that we have been working on the outside of the boat far more than the inside. Well, it was a rather odd cold crappy day so why not work inside? We need to get a few things squared away before we set sail because I would rather not have to stow my oven. So we installed our brand new 35 yrs old never been used oven and it works awesome! Had to work out a few kinks so hubby would stop lighting his hands on fire, but I think we got it now.

Well it started with a Pacifico invite and ended with dinner and shadow puppets. Some of our great friends (other sailors we met on the island a couple of months ago) got together to hash over the fun stuff of sailing. They said, “don’t use kerosene.” We said, “to late.!” They said, “you’ll regret it.” LOL! That’s what friends are for, give you the low down of the nitty gritty. But really, we’ll see. We have had propane for years and honestly I am not sure it is worth it, but like I said, we’ll see. We also did show and tell. We showed them a joke of a huge winch that we came across and claimed it was for our Stay Sail LOL. They in turn gave us a ditch bag. You know the one when your boat is sinking and it has everything as your last ditch effort to save your A#@ as you plunge into the deep blue sea without a life raft. Hey, what are friends for?  🙂

Also, I am happy to say I wrote out our new monthly newsletter that will be going out to our patrons October 1st!

A few of the things we still need to purchase soon for SV Rad Mode are:

  1. Standing rigging (that we will be ordering from Bud at westsailparts.com)
  2. tri-color mast light
  3. dock lines
  4. depth finder
  5. winch platforms
  6. deck hardware (cleats, cam cleats, pulleys, lots and lots of this stuff)
  7. 1 more deep cycle battery (we have one but perferrably need another)
  8. marine ply and foam for fridge counter tops
  9. anchor cleat
  10. anchor road
  11. cleats on the mast and boom
  12. another anchor
  13. stern light
  14. Lots and lots of stainless nuts, bolts, washers, drill bits, hardware, etc
  15. Insullation
  16. life jackets, harnesses, and tethers
  17. stanchion posts
  18. boom gallows
  19. wine, rum, and cervezas and the list goes on….

I am sure I am forgetting several things, but you get the gist of it.

As always here are some pics below of what we have been doing. Not to many this time because I think I forgot about the camera in all the excitement.



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