SV Rad Mode’s Winches

One of the lovely things about SV Rad Mode was her uninstalled, 35-years-new, premium Enkes winch collection. They were all still in the boxes with extra pawl springs and retaining rings and looked beautiful to boot!

Taking inventory…

Just a bit ago, I yanked out our 26ST’s to check measurements for the construction of the

Still have the factory grease on ’em!

genoa winch platforms. We are getting them from Bud over at and man, he doesn’t miss anything. I told him the holes in the winch were 3/8″ and he got back to me to make sure he knew what size bolts we were using to mount them so he could make sure the winch brackets had the proper sized holes. He’s extremely thorough and every bit of business we’ve done with him has been a pleasure.

Anyways, after looking over the genoa winches, I was curious if our old brochures (the previous owner saved EVERYTHING) suggesting certain hardware. It sure did. While looking for that, I found some scribbles of the previous owner’s that showed the total cost for the winches in 1981! Wow! That was a pretty penny back then.

The order for the genoa winch brackets is in and the mounting plates on the mast will soon be drilled out, painted, and very soon, be covered in winches! Soon enough, they have sheets and halyards wrapped around them and be carrying us off to new adventures!



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  1. John says:

    Would you be willing to make a good copy (PDF) scan of you Enkes manual and email it to me. I just purchased a 36 Union and it has two Enkes 28 and have not been able to find good info on around on them, parts breakdown and diagrams.


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