…36 Days… Wow

It seems like things are coming together so quickly, yet it seems so slow all at the same time. Order this, plan that, measure this, do that, blah, blah, blahhhhhh!

One morning because I couldn’t get my head in the game I decided to work on the head Ha…Ha. Yep that wasn’t an ordeal, for once. Right up until I totally rebuilt the head and then the damn sea cock decided it wouldn’t cooperate with me. My 20 minute rebuild turned into a 2 hr of what the f@#!% is going on! Still not totally sure what the deal is, but at this point I really don’t care. I will do it later and deal with it then. For now the head is working good enough.

Next we are building the mast. Oh what fun I am sure my hubby is having. I have helped a little bit, but it is really not a two man job so that has left me to sanding the dinghy, epoxy holes, and so forth.

However, I did have an awesome time with my mother in law today. She came out and spent the day with us and totally helped me make the backing for our diesel heater. It turned out beautiful! I am very excited that I will be mounting it on our bulkhead very soon, after the grout completely dries.

All the while we were doing this hubby put the masthead on! And to top it all off the kids found an abandoned sailing dinghy by the levee. We will try to find the owners, but if not then we are the proud new owners. It is missing some parts, actually quite a bit of parts and needs a fiberglass patch job, but after putting together SV Rad Mode no sweat.

Pics below!




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