…45 days… Here we go!

A lot of planning went into yesterday and now today as well. I believe they say it is 80% planning and 20% of actually doing to be most efficient and effective. I think, or hope, this is true. Honestly when hubby sold me on the idea of this boat, a kit boat, I thought ‘Yeah sure you just put the pieces together. Kind of like color my numbers.’ Boy was I wrong! It’s more like having a giant jumbled puzzle that you are not completely sure what the picture is, some of the pieces are missing, and no instructions.

Well our boat came with some instructions, but I can’t decipher half of them. Ugh! Boat building is a heck of a lot harder than I had imagined and this boat has definitely pointed out to me the areas of … well I just have no f*#@! clue of what I am doing! The plus side is I am learning a lot and in turn gaining confidence in this boat. Our boat, that I will be able to proudly say we built 🙂

Today consisted of a lot more planning for SV Rad Mode. Hubby measured out our chain and figured out what deck pipe we need for our anchor and chain, glad to say the hawse pipes are officially installed, we sold one of our cars, started to prep SV Rad Mode for her first maiden voyage, and hung out with a dear friend of mine. OH can’t forget to mention our trusty sander decided to opt out on us today 😦 Apparently amongst all of the hiatus it decided to stop working. If the deadline was not enough, now we have tools that are quitting on us.

Head up. Chin up. We will make our deadline….



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