…46 and Counting…

Only 46 days left before we leave this marina and goes who the hell knows where. Haha! We’ve got bigger problems at the moment…

Work continued on SV Rad Mode today but it honestly felt like we didn’t get a lot done. We spend several hours homeschooling 5 kids every morning, it’s usually around 10 am by the time we get to work on the boat and usually around 6 or 7 pm when we stop and today ended up being one of those days that had more time invested in planning and research 100_1987than in progress.

Kristina and Kurt made a good bit of progress on one of the dinghys by putting in the knees, laminating the gunwale on, and sanding the cured resin smoother on the outside of the hull. It’s going to take another run to TAP Plastics for more resin and fiberglass tape before much more can be done.

I started the day by working on our pending standing rigging order to Westsailparts.com. Bud has very competitive prices over there and is extremely helpful as well but to get my order in, I needed to know the lengths of our bobstay, boomkin stay wires, and whisker stays. For those of you that don’t know sailboats, these are the wires that provide downward pressure on the very serious and critical components and help counter the upward and sideways pressure on these components created the sails, which are raised on the stays above the deck. Basically.

Nearly all of the parts on SV Rad Mode were sourced by the original owner. This basically leaves me piecing them all together in order to figure out not only what the hell he was thinking but eventually, where they go on the boat. After struggling my way through a couple of options on how to find the lengths of the stays (none of which looked promising), I called Bud over at Westsailparts.com and he made me feel much better about my approach but also cautioned me on a couple of things and set me to thinking in the right direction.

After that phone call, I went straight to calling a fabrication shop in Stockton and got an

One of our unbent whisker stay tangs.

easy quote to have our whisker tangs and boomkin stay tangs (basically 1 1/2″ wide, 1/4″ thick stainless plate that is slightly bent, bolted to the hull, and has some of the lower stays attached to them) bent to the required 5 degrees, got a rough quote on our staysail support tang that goes under the bowsprit, and put most of our turnbuckles on.

Once I was as far along as I could go there, I began to work on the location of our jib winch platforms. The nice part about not having them on the boat already is that you get to visualize sailing it and decide where you want them to go. The bad part is that having not sailed the boat, you really have no friggin’ clue if you are putting them in the right place.

Anyways, after Kristina and I talked about this and did some mock tacking (pretending to turn the boat into the wind), we’d decided on a certain approach. Then Kurt came over, broke one simple thing down that we had overlooked, and we went right back to what would be considered a more normal orientation of the winches.

Our sexy, brand new, self-tailing winches!

That done, I drew up a diagram for Bud that laid out where I needed the holes drilled on my winch platforms and I’ll be dropping them in the mail tomorrow.

My ghetto fab sketch.

Kristina and Kurt had finished their work on the dinghys for the day and so she got back on Rad Mode and quickly knocked out the brightwork on the opening to our companionway. It’s looking sweet!

So it looks like I’m done working on our lower standing rigging until we can get out to that fabricator in Stockton so tomorrow, I’m working on the mast! Finally!

Time to get dinner finished, feed these kids, and put them in bed before I strangle someone. Look for our post tomorrow to follow along!



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