…47 and More Progress…

Well some days just don’t go quite as planned. I had BIG plans for today, but then one thing after another kept happening and my To Do list was looking more intimidating then encouraging. However, good news the Hawse pipes are in (they were a major pain according to hubby, I just supervised), cranking battery and one pretty good amp hour house battery are in, dinghys have been totally glassed over, and I’m now going over the plans for the construction of the main mast which begins tomorrow!

I am so stoked about the mast! I have been waiting… dreaming… and fantasizing this moment for far to long. Pretty must since we bought the boat. I will be even more stoked once the sucker is up!

Not that it is a huge priority, but I am a girl and I do like pretty things so today I sanded the companion way to be signature finished. I was really hoping to get it done today, but nonetheless something came up and the cosmetics had to take the backseat.

Oh and one thing that made me take a moment, and laugh, was our 6 year old son Darius has been using a piece of foam as his dingy, but today he rigged a dock line to it and cleat it off in the marina. Hope they don’t start charging him a slip fee haha!



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