48 Days and Counting…

48 days left before we leave this marina, ready or not. The biggest question in our heads right now isn’t, “Can we get it all done?” It’s, “Do we have the cash on hand to get it all done?” Let me tell you, it’s going to be close… real close….. uncomfortably close.

We’ve got a pretty big order that’s going to make it’s way over to Bud at Westsailparts.com on the 9th. It’s definitely going to tie up a lot of loose ends but the order date certainly hasn’t slowed us from working on SV Rad Mode.

Today, Kristina spent almost the entire day at the library uploading Episode 7 and working

The variance between the dimensions of the gunwales has made this a serious pain.

on her online degree. While she was gone, I pretty much finished cutting out the holes for and fitting our last two hawse pipes. All they need tomorrow is the butyl rubber gasket and they’ll be much more permanent. I swear, the damn hawse pipes have been the biggest pain in the ass thing to install so far on this boat. We are talking some serious work to have them fit to a point where I trust them.

And why the hell is it that the hawse pipes are such a concern to begin with? You might be thinking that we should wait on these and focus on more important parts of the boat, parts we can’t sail without. Well, our hawse pipes have 10.5″ cleats on them and when we have our mast put up and secure it with our halyards, these are the cleats that the halyards will most likely be tied off to. Make sense now?

Other things that happened today were the installation of our companionway hatch, which Kristina finished late yesterday. It looks awesome! I don’t think we shared pictures of it but we also installed the control panel for our Volvo Diesel the other day so I’ll throw some pics of that in here as well.

Kristina did everything but I did the polysulfide so all credit goes to me.

After all of the hard work today, we sat back and BBQed some chicken, had a couple of 100_1954drinks, and then got back to work, just like normal. We’re going to continue to crank away at the boat progress and BBQ, party, swim, and have a great time despite our short time frame for leaving. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on progress!



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