The Countdown Has Begun…49 Days Left…

Tape a card to my B-Day present. Tape my nose to my forehead. Tape my feet together when I fall asleep sitting up. Don’t ever tape anything to my boat. I HATE it when people tape shit to my boat.

So imagine my surprise last Monday morning when I woke (it was a long drive back from the north Sunday night) to find a 60 day Eviction Notice taped to the cabin side of my boat. Pissed is not the word I would use to describe the way I felt. In addition, they’d stuck it there after we’d left to head up north for a week. Cowardice is the word that came to mind.

After the rage subsided, I went over in my mind the things that could have possibly caused this. Two weeks before, we had received a notice informing us that we had too many things on the dock. The notice wasn’t that we needed to remove everything from the dock but that we had too many things on it. We removed nearly everything. Other than that, no one at the marina had made any effort whatsoever to communicate with us.  Why didn’t someone warn us or tell us we needed to change something? We’d been here for a long time and all of the sudden, we are getting the boot? WTF?

Come to find out, 8 other residents of the marina had notices posted on their boats. Again, a few days ago, more people got eviction notices. So it’s not just us. Glad to know. Still though, no reason has been given to us or any of the other people getting the boot.

We had purchased SV Rad Mode, our unfinished W32 kit boat, from the Harbormaster here 18 months ago with the understanding that we would be living aboard it and working on it at the same time. I explained to him that this would require a regular shuffling of equipment on and off the boat along with us keeping equipment on the dock and us using a good bit of space in the park near our slip to do a lot of the work. He was OK with that and since then, had been just fine with it, only asking us to keep the work and noise down on the weekends since that’s when the marina usually got busy. We even moved our boats to an end slip so no one would have to walk past our table saw, lumber, etc., on the dock.

The marina here is owned by the bank. Apparently, enough people at the marina have been complaining to Corporate about a plethora of things and they sent a “big wig” down to check it out. One of the “big wig” bankers came in and walked around with one of the maintenance men who then “fingered” everyone he thought should be ousted. I know this because he was drunk the night before last in the BBQ area and told us. What a dick. What goes around, comes around, dude. I honestly think he fingered us because he’s jealous of my wife’s boobs…

And that brings me to the funny part…

All of the complainers and anyone else that couldn’t stand us being here, working on our boat in the park, etc., has just made their own life a living hell. They brought in the Gestapo. The rules are now being applied to all of them down to the last letter and we were leaving anyways. MUHAHAHAHA!

Our goal was to get this boat to the Westsail Rendezvous in Richmond on September 30th. We may  not be sailing at that exact point but we’ll be damn close at any rate. This marina can marinate in the massive shit storm that just hit it thanks to all of the tattle-tales, narcs, rats, or whatever you want to call them.

Honestly, the notice hasn’t changed anything other than how much I care about what I say to people I don’t like here. We’re still building our boat, we’re still abiding by our original agreement with the Harbormaster, we’re still leaving, and this marina can continue to rot when we are gone. Unfortunately for the bank, they don’t seem to understand a single thing about what this marina needs, what the Sacramento Delta needs, or what could and probably would be profitable in the area. After their gross mismanagement of this marina, we’d leave even if they reversed their eviction notice. Hell, we’d leave even if we were still renting a slip and hadn’t received the notice to begin with. We’re taking our money elsewhere.

Patti and John, Gina, the Czechs, the two Steves, Chester, Orrin, Randy and Ramona, Donnie, Donna, Joe, both Terry’s, and SV Yezdan, Bon Voyage! We’ll miss you. To the rest of you shitty, two-faced people that can’t keep your nose in your own business – have fun dealing with all of the corporate crap you stirred up for yourselves.

So keep an eye out for my up-and-coming video review of this marina. It will be worth watching and follow along with the countdown as we continue the blistering race to complete SV Rad Mode in the next 49 days.



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  1. 4theriders says:

    Mother Fuck ’em. 🙂

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