All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet friend Irena! Well birthdays are awesome and all, but we rarely take a break for celebration and such. I think memories are more important than actual dates per say. If a moment strikes, like last night, than we take full advantage of it and party like rock stars!

Last night BOTH grandmas were here so hubby and I took the opportunity to go hang out with some of our island friends. And what a great time it was! Actually, too much fun because when I woke up this morning (4 hours of sleep) I don’t think I was completely sober. I don’t think hubby was either because he started breakfast with his half drunk beer from last nights party.

Days like this we just laugh, carry on, and keep working. After all, hang overs are no excuse. The dinghy project (holy nat nightmare!) continued without a hitch, I kept working on the main hatch, and last but not least, the day ended with bbq time and soccer time with the kids. We were hoping for some sailing on SV Plan B, but the winds were not in our favor. Maybe tomorrow…

The best part, however, is I saw a sight I have never seen before! There were 2 beautiful doves on a power line just going at it. WOW they must be in love xoxoxo







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