Today Started With a Gift and Ended With Progress on SV Rad Mode!

100_1857So we aren’t morning people. I wake up pissed off just about every morning and until I’ve had my morning Yerba Mate or coffee and had a chance to edit some video out of the massive library that has become our hard drive, I’m a few degrees of crappy mood beyond cranky. So this morning, while working on videos and drinking my coffee, you can imagine my irritation when poor messenger boy (my son) Darius, screamed from the levy into my boat that, “Joe wants to talk to you.”

I reluctantly exited the boat to see Joe standing there next to Darius. He told me that he had something for me but needed me to come down to his boat for it. I hopped in his truck and 2 minutes later, he was gifting us with a 14 1/2′ whisker pole that, aside from a few dings in the paint, was solid as could be. It was a gift. He saw that we didn’t have one on the boat and got it from a friend for us. Wow! What a great guy! After recovering from my shock, I walked it back down to the boat. From there, we got into some work and had a great day getting things done. People should give me awesome gifts in the morning more often.

Tombstone and I got to work on making two nesting dingys for both SV Rad Mode and SV

One of the cut out dingys.

Plan B. It was our first day working on the dingy project and we managed to get pretty much everything cut out of 1/4″ marine ply for both boats. Tomorrow, we’ll be on to the next step.

Dennis, a good friend of ours, came over to help Kristina work on the main hatch. Dennis has been working on and spending a huge amount of his time on sailboats for decades. He’s a smart, funny guy that always has something to say worth hearing. The two of them put their good brains together and did some serious rot repair on our hatch, replacing all of the rot with 1/4″ plywood scrap from the dingy project laminated together and epoxied over glass that was laid just underneath the teak slats on top. The hatch should be good to go for decades 100_1873when they are done.

To end, Kristina put some more bright work into our newly installed teak handrails while I sat around and drank rum.

That’s it for this post but please stay tuned as we knock out SV Rad Mode and leave this marina to continue its downward spiral (it’s already pretty rotten).

Here’s some pics from the day!



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  1. says:

    Looks great guys. Don’t forget I will be coming down on Thursday, if you need any specialty tools that I may have let me know and I will be happy to bring them down.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. probst629 says:

      Thanks Orrin! We’ll definitely let you know.


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