SV Rad Mode Graduates from Barge to Motorboat!

SV Rad Mode came with a barely-used, 40 years new Volvo Penta MD2B. Since purchasing her, we’d never worked on getting it running. We’d turn her over by hand here and there but other than that, she sat quietly in the back of the boat, occasionally covered with storage, forgotten. But thanks to our friend Dennis and our goal of getting SV Rad Mode moving down the San Joaquin River by the end of next month, she was just fired up for the first time in what I am guessing has been about 3 to 4 years!

In order, here’s how we got started…

  1. Kristina cleaned our the engine compartment with the help of one of our 6 year old boys, Darius.
  2. We then cleaned out the fuel pump which was still clean and in good shape.
  3. Emptied our diesel tank of old diesel and sediment and put clean diesel in it.
  4. Checked the fluids.
  5. Hooked up a battery that Dennis loaned us.
  6. Checked the engine mounts.
  7. Checked the raw water filter which was clear and clean.
  8. Made sure the seacock for the engine water was open.
  9. Took a look around for any other things that might cause a problem.

Once all of that was done, I put the key in and it started right up with no hesitation! Our guess is that the engine probably has about 50 hours on it and thanks to the original owner moving it into fresh water, interior of the block shouldn’t have the issues of an engine sitting in saltwater for 40 years!

Dennis is a good friend of ours and yesterday, just happened to offer his assistance in getting our engine going. We took him up on the offer and he not only helped guide us through the process but learned us a good bit of information regarding the Volvo Pentas (he’s owned them in the past). He checked behind the oil cap for blowback – none. And the engine ran for an hour without heating up much. There was no wobble whatsoever in the prop shaft and no vibration. It sounded excellent and based on his opinion, seemed to be running like a virgin engine!

The only issue we had at all was that I didn’t seat the gasket correctly when replacing the 100_1856fuel filter and we dumped about a gallon of diesel in the bilge…which I now have to go clean up.

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