Beginning of Main Hatch Rot Repair and Refit

One thing leads to another. We opened a new tube of the teak decking polysulfide for the boomkin and since it does not last to long after it has been opened I decided to start on the main hatch repair. It needs to be done before we start sailing and definitely before the rain comes.

The process started by removing the main hatch and taking it to the park for repair. My young son Darius helped me with the process. We started by sanding and figuring out where the worst of wood rot was. One of the corners were pretty bad so we dug out the wood that was almost like powder and put in a new wedge of marine plywood. Next step was wood penetrating epoxy with clamps followed by epoxy with filleting to fill in the voids for a smooth edge.

Now we have to sand the edges and the rest of the hatch for signature finish. Also we have to figure out on how we want to latch the main hatch down. For some reason when the hatch was made there was no latches or anything put on to secure it down. If anyone has any ideas or pics please send them our way.

Here are some pics below of the current progress. Will post more pics as we continue on with the project.



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