Main Sheet Hoop Done! Hawse Pipes and Main Hatch in the Works

This morning I was more than anxious to get started on the installation of our upgraded stainless hoop from Bud. However, I had to be patient and wait until after home schooling time. By midday, I am happy to announce that our hoop was permanently installed!

Next, hubby and I decided to work on the installation of our 4 awesome hawse pipes with cleats that we bought several months back from Toplicht in Germany. Hubby and I measured out exactly where we wanted them to be and then Hubby went to work on drilling out the holes.

Hubby hard at work!

I think our bronze additions are going to be far superior than what the boat came with when we bought it.


As Hubby worked on drilling the holes for the hawse pipes, I went to work on our main hatch. Hubby hand crafted me a pick to dig out the old polysulfide. He took an old file and bent the end for a hook to dig it out. There is not a rubber handle on it so I had to use a towel, and probably should of just put leather gloves on instead. A lot better then spending $30+ on Amazon and having to wait. Probably works just as good or better.

One tip I recommend is that when pulling up the old polysulfide it works better if you pull directly above it, as awkward as that is. It pulls out cleaner and quicker that way than if you are off to the side. Tomorrow I will start the wood penetrating epoxy repair on the main hatch then sand, teak wash, polysulfide, and Signature Finish!





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