Boomkin ON! First time in 36 years!

Wow, this has been a long time coming and it really feels like solid progress on SV Rad Mode. Even better, this is the first time she’s had her boomkin on in 36 YEARS! Awesome! We are stoked!

It really was one of the more difficult parts of the boat to install. We’ve literally been working on it on and off since about February. I believe some of the pieces you see us working on in our Episode 3 video are the boomkin beams. Back then, we did the finish and epoxied the holes with fast cure West Systems. Next was the spacers, which we epoxied the holes and then painted with Signature Finish. After that, it was epoxying the deck holes. Then we had to put the project on hold for a while due to funding issues and our lack of a boomkin crosspiece. We’ve literally been staring at these finished pieces of boomkin for months. I’m very glad it’s off the boat and instead, hanging off of the boat.

Drilling out the hoop holes.

We spent the last couple of days over-sizing the holes for Bud’s stainless hoop, filling them in with epoxy, and then drilling them out again. Damn epoxy makes you waste a day sometimes. You apply it, it soaks into the wood, takes hours and hours to cure, then you sand it and apply more epoxy until the holes are completely filled. If anyone has any tips on how to speed this up, please share.


Thanks to Peter Maurer for hooking us up with

Thanks again, Peter!

the boomkin crosspiece, which polished up nicely, today was the finally day where everything was coming together. My son, Darius, helped out a ton today (like always) and for a 6 year old, he can really put in some serious work if it’s explained to him well. He was at hip during all of the work and even got to use some power tools.

We’re all glad to see this damned thing on SV Rad Mode. Next up is our seriously wicked hawse pipes (also appearing in Episode 3)! Stay tuned for the installation of these 4 bad boys!

To end, here is some pics from the day!



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  1. Way to go guys! I’m just behind you. I have to paint my deck, fore and aft and then my boomkin & bowsprit can go back on. Satisfying to see stuff coming together. Rad Mode is starting to look Rad.

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    1. probst629 says:

      Awesome! We’d love to have painted her before putting everything on but if we go another month without working towards getting her sailing, I am going to lose my mind.


  2. I also noticed that you have 4 thru-bolts. Did the boomkin come like that? The plans call for 3 did you do that for added strength?

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    1. probst629 says:

      The previous owner made that mod. We decided it couldn’t hurt and should add more strength so we stuck with it.


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