DC Panel Mounted, Boomkin Drilled and Filled!

Today, we cut out and mounted our DC panel to get the box out of the boat! That might sound silly but being live-aboards on a boat we are finishing has presented some unique issues. Most of them revolve around having too many things that should be installed on the boat that instead are down inside of the boat. Sailboats aren’t exactly super roomy to begin with but this reduces our comfort level quite a bit so about a month ago, we decided that pretty much every day if possible, we need to be putting something on the boat to get it out of our living space.

Today, we targeted our new Blue Sea Systems 13 switch DC Panel for installation. The box went from UPS straight into the head and it needed to go. In the long term, we intend to make some changes that will allow us to fold the panel out towards the front to make it easy to work on but given our short deadline to sail this beastie, this was the fastest approach we could take to getting the damn panel in and ready to be used.


100_1745This installation started with a 20 minute discussion between my wife and I regarding our future plans for the location of the panel. At some point in the future, we can see ourselves installing an LED screen that could be used for a variety of purposes above the panel. To the right, we saved space for a small AC panel. We aren’t planning at this point to have AC but you never know what could happen. If that never happens, we’ll use that space for better battery monitoring equipment.


Once we had a pretty good idea where we wanted the panel, I drew a mirror image of the spaces that needed to be cut out on the bulkhead. Kristina drilled our the necessary holes so I could get the jigsaw in there and then I cut it out. It fit perfectly. The next step here will be further examination of the original W32 wiring diagram and a design of our own diagram. Also, it was pretty cool to see the difference in quality and density from modern marine ply versus marine ply from the 70’s. A definite difference.

After that, it was time for the boomkin. I couldn’t get my hands on the drill press we wanted to use so instead, I worked on cleaning up the excess butyl rubber from our handrail install. Then we worked out for about an hour and had lunch. I had to wait almost all day to get a drill press from the Harbormaster but he came by around 6pm and I got that to work on the boomkin.

We marked all of the holes that needed drilled out for both the boomkin crosspiece and the stainless steel hoop that mounts on top of it for the main sheet block. We over-sized all of the holes by a good bit, drilled everything out, and then filled it in with epoxy. Tomorrow, we’ll drill the holes out again with the appropriate size bits and we’ll have a boomkin installed!

Follow along with us as we continue to crank away at SV Rad Mode every day until we can sail her for the first time ever!




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