Bud’s New Book – Westsail The World

Today, I had the pleasure of having my wife read to me as though I was a small child. We were excited to receive Bud’s book in the mail and since it happened to be a town day, she read out of it the whole time we were in the car. What an amazing book!

The book is a collection of Bud’s vast knowledge regarding the boat to include it’s history, the many reasons why anyone would want to own a Westsail, great stories told by many different Westsail owners, and much more. For Westsail owners like us, it’s extremely entertaining and hard to put down. I highly recommend that any Westsail owners or “Dreamers” pick up a copy from Bud.

Aslo, I want to thank Bud for his commitment to the Westsail family. I haven’t been a part of the family for long but I know that Bud has done a lot for me even though I’ve never gotten to shake his hand. Based on what I’ve heard, it sounds like Bud has been around Westsails since almost their inception and his knowledge, effort, and help haven’t gone unnoticed by me and I’m sure many other Westail owners would say the same. This book will be a permanent part of SV Rad Mode’s inventory!

Thanks Bud!



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