Been Gone Playing!

Once again, our blog has suffered due to our awesome life and much playing. We just got back to the marina again after successfully completing our 4th annual Birthday Bash. It was a major hit and something the kids all look forward to all year.

The highlights for this year…

  • The rope swing over the Mokelumne River that everyone used, even our 6 year old boys.
  • We rocked Jamaican Jerk on our big birthday BBQ and served it up with Jamaican rum punch.
  • The kids found tons of beautiful rocks at Moore Creek and saved some for homemade jewelry making.
  • We partied like Charlie Sheen for the whole 9 days.
  • Our block ice lasted until the second to last day.
  • The cold river water and all the swimming we did helped slim me out some more.
  • Kristina tore up a shin while diving through rocks to keep a kid from getting into the rapids.
  • All the kids were successful at crossing the river at a pretty hard spot. Their swim training has definitely paid off.
  • Our zombie prank that scared the hell out of all of the kids. It was smart of us to make them all empty their bowels before we kicked it off or else there would have been turd all over the place.

Here’s some pics of the fun…

I have tons of video of it all and it will surely be included in a future episode! Goodbye for now! Time to get back to work on SV Rad Mode…



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  1. 4theriders says:

    sounds epic!

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