Back from the Sierra…Leaving Again Monday!

I don’t think you can call it gold fever since we found a pathetically small amount. It’s more like wilderness fever. Ever since an awesome spring where we spent 6 weeks camping and hunting on a remote part of an Oregon river that shall remain unnamed, I have been fiending for another trip just like it. I just got a three week teaser and we all need more. Monday, we leave again.

Kristina, rocking her Becker BK2 knife and plenty of mosquito bites.

The gold panning was pretty much a bust for us but we believe (we’ll see) that we have possibly broken through that beginning failure spell that was hanging over us and are willing to immerse ourselves in nearly freezing water for another 2 weeks in a attempt to prove we learned something. We’ll see if we did.

Some kind of old shack, the beautiful nature, and part of my arm.

We might have failed at our first placer gold hunting trip but there were many other things about the trip that were awesome. We had nearly two weeks with no kids and so Kristina and I got to tear it up for a while. Also, we both lost a couple of percent of bodyfat thanks to the thermal load of the cold water we spent so much time in. I got to fit in some hunting, we taught the kids plenty about the woods and panning once we picked them up, and we also had that awesome peace of mind that comes with the tranquility of the woods. We are excited to get back out there!

Tal giving Daddy some love while camped on the side of the Cosumnes River.

We have tons of video from the trip and at some point, it will make it into one of our episode videos.

Thanks for following along on our adventures and we hope you stay tuned for what is to come! Here’s a spread of some of the photos we took during the trip.



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