Gold Panning the Sierra!

When kids are away, grown ups will play. And that’s exactly what my wife and I have been doing for the last 3 days. We’ve found ourselves without ninos and we intended to take full advantage of this opportunity. So what did we do? We left to gold pan in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California for at least a week and a half, possibly more if we hit pay dirt or are just having a lot of fun.

Things are starting to pan out (pun intended). The first day was pretty much reserved for travelling and day two was a complete bust but after watching some Youtube that evening, we figured out some of the mistakes we were making and on our second full day of panning (which was really more like half a day since we needed to head into town due to some internet issues), we found some gold flake!

Who gold pans in the Sierras in a bikini top in April when it’s 58 degrees outside? My wife.

We are stepping up the game further and have spent most of our third day driving and discovering many more areas that we love out here and hopefully, one with a mother load of placer gold. Haha! Not likely for us recreational people but we intend to make a good run at it.

Please wish us luck and if any of you have any good information on spots to pan out here, please respond to this post! Also, we are taking tons of great footage that will be in future episode of the Swiss Family Probst Chronicles!




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  1. 4theriders says:

    Haven’t read article yet..But I had to comment on the title.. “the Sierra” …It’s not plural. 🙂


    1. probst629 says:

      Well normally, it’s referred to as the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Mountains is plural and I shortened it to Sierras. I think it works as I was referring to the mountains. I’ve heard it called Sierras a ton.


  2. 4theriders says:

    i’ll leave you with a quote from Ansel Adams: “The name Sierra is already a plural. To add an s is a linguistic, Californian, and mountaineering sin.”


    1. probst629 says:

      Haha! Thanks for the education on it.


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