Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Coming in at a whopping 4 inches thick at it widest point and just over 70 inches long, it’s pretty safe to say that mine (tiller handle) is bigger than yours unless you are also an owner of the venerable Westsail 32.

While working my butt off on Part 2 of my Westsail 32 Bowsprit Installation series, I was once again impressed by the absolute beef factor of the Westsail 32. What an awesome hippo of complete badassery. The boat has inspired me in more than one way and in a move characteristic of the build of this boat, I ordered 5/8″ x 10″ bolts to affix the bowsprit to the deck and sampson posts. I soon found myself ordering a 12″ long bit to drill said holes and soon, I was not only on my way to a more beefed up bowsprit installation but now waiting for parts to finish the install.

Anyways, I got down below just a bit ago after finishing the day and a friend online

That thing is 3/8″ SS.

mentioned getting a new tiller handle. Ahhh, yes. That’s one of the many things I love about the beefiness of this boat. It boasts a massive tiller of epic proportions that would mean sure destruction to any pirate you struck with it were you capable of wielding such an object and not hit standing rigging in your swing (that could dis-mast you). I just had to brag with a pic and Darius happily decided to show you all his muscles, which he is very proud of. He can easily lift a kettle bell that is 125% of his body weight. He still got photobombed by my pistol, though. Haha!

My other favorite parts of the boat include a rudder that is so large that you could easily fit five dismembered children in it and chain plates that would surely have to rip the hull apart to come free. Oh yeah, and the hull where the chain plates are is an inch thick. Don’t fall off of a Westsail 32 if you are the only one on deck. The reason? The cabin is so damn thick on it my kids can’t hear me scream at them if I’m down below and they are up top.

Hole saw cutting of the cabin top. DAMN! No wonder it feels like walking on concrete.

As impressed as I was with SV Rad Mode’s monster tiller, I’d love to hear about anyone out there who’s boat is sporting a bigger one. Let’s have fun with this and please comment and link a photo if you have one!




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