The Puzzle of Puzzles

I love puzzles. I really do. But I’ve never assembled a 20,000 pound puzzle before. Sure, I’ve got some photos and the plans for SV Rad Mode but piecing together all of the thoughts of the previous owner, his plans, the parts, and deciphering some of his sketchbooks that are quite involved has really, at least to me, made this the puzzle of all puzzles.

To make things both better and worse, I’m not someone that likes to do things twice. So having not assembled a sailboat on this level before, I feel the need to think over every step quite a bit. I probably spend 70% of my time on the boat planning, thinking over those plans, and re-planning. The good side of this is that once it’s done, it won’t need to be done again for a long time. The bad side of course is that I am starting to feel like the previous owner. A guy that did a lot of planning and not a lot of work on the boat.

At any rate, we’re just going to have to continue plugging along and even by conservative estimates and as long as we don’t suffer any serious financial setbacks, SV Rad Mode will be completed by early fall and for the first time, will sail!

That’s enough blogging for me today. I’m back to work on installing our 40 years new 2 burner Shipmate oven. I’ll probably blog about it when it’s complete and it should make an appearance in our Episode videos.

Fair winds!



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