Kurt’s BK&T Knife Comparison/Review

During our January trip to Oregon, my brother-in-law knocked out an unplanned comparison and review of three of our favorite BK&T knives. He had never touched any of the three knives before and to me, it was interesting to see his opinion of the knives, which pretty much mirrored my own even though I’d owned most of them for 4 years and used some of them every day.

I realize that many people will probably find this video boring. I really cut it for two kinds of people…

  1. Those that are thinking of buying their first or 100th Becker knife and would like to see three of the most popular ones working side by side.
  2. The hardcore BK&T fans meaning the ones that will sit around and watch Becker knife videos over and over again until the wee hours of the morning.




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